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Our Creations


Here are some photos of our creations with photos of construction sites before and after our intervention.

Our interventions are multiple, ranging from a site visit for the largest projects, to work on photos for more modest and specific projects.


In developing your project, we take into account your wishes and goals, the things you like and dislike, the mood you want to create and we help you create perspectives in your arrangements.


As you can see, the advantage of our proposals at the nursery is that we are able to create a rather zen and relaxing atmosphere or a rather mineral and graphic atmosphere with judicious choices and combinations of plants.


We offer you real support in the realization of your projects, by putting to your profit our know-how and knowledge of the plants of the nursery, to allow you to embellish your outdoor spaces and to enhance them.


Obviously we can also carry out the plantings if necessary.


Rustic Palm Grove

Nursery and plant producer

Private Botanical Park

Layout of outdoor spaces

Creations & Advice

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