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Created in 2009, our nursery is part of an eco-responsible approach, in order to minimize our and your impact on the environment.

Located in the town of Charras, in the hamlet of "Grosbot", we welcome you to a unique place in Charente, imbued with an exotic touch and surrounded by the woods of the Horte forest.

Always with respect for plants and living things, we follow the growth stages of our plants with production carried out outdoors.

Our ethic is simple: grow plants in the ground, and then put them into production. We follow their evolution in our climate, and determine their resistance to cold, to drought, in beds, with or without mulching, by limiting fertilizer and watering.

Climate change invites us to reconsider our way of gardening, to adopt a responsible behavior regarding the use of natural resources, to take into account that plants have a different growth and evolution, and that wildlife play a important role in the reproductive cycle of plants (bees, butterflies, birds… etc…).

On more than 1000 m2, the nursery specializes in grasses, tracing and non-tracing bamboos, perennial hibiscus with large flowers, bananas and other perennials.

We assure you a quality root system, which guarantees the sustainability of the plant once installed in your home.

We also offer professional soil and planting fertilizer as well as hemp for your mulching.

We provide you with all the advice you need to carry out your plantings, for the maintenance and monitoring of the plants.

If you wish, we advise you for the realization and arrangement of your outdoor spaces.

Bring us your plans, photos, dimensions, exhibition, so that we can answer your questions, and guide you in the best way in the choice of plants.

With us you will not find the cheapest plants on the market, however you will find quality and acclimatized plants, care sheets for certain plants, the prices and names of the plants marked on the pots, advice on plants and on your exterior fittings, a welcome with a smile and kindness.

No bank card terminal on site, so we ask you to pay for your purchases by bank checks, or in cash.


We offer a wide choice of rarely allergenic grasses, all produced by us. They vary with the seasons, by their height and their port: erect, flared, semi-arched, drooping or rounded.

Persistent or deciduous, grasses will help structure a garden and are essential for the biodiversity of the place.

Full of promise in spring, sometimes imposing in summer, breathtaking in autumn dress and magical in winter.

Come and let yourself be seduced by our collection.


Our large-flowered perennial hibiscus of the moscheutos variety are produced in the nursery, guaranteeing quality and hardiness.

They are available in several heights, ranging from 1.20m to 2.50m, with erect, shrubby, flared or bushy ports, all with a succession of huge and colorful flowers that will attract butterflies, bees and other insects, to delight. of their nectar at home.

Bananas and cannas

What would a garden be without these large leaves that immediately evoke the tropics!

Composed mainly of water, the large "false" trunks of our banana trees fear frost, however, the root system is hardy down to -15 ° C.

Sometimes unsightly in winter, we forgive them everything, as they have this ability to make us travel with their majestic foliage and trunk.

Our production being all outdoors, it goes without saying that we only offer hardy varieties for your gardens.

From the dwarf banana tree with golden lotus flower, to the giant musa basjoo, including cannas with very colorful flowers and foliage, we are here to help you guide you in your choices.



Our perennials are, in a way, the icing on the cake, the final touch that will bring colors, scents and lightness to your beds from spring to winter.

Honey-bearing and rustic, because produced outdoors, they will flourish year after year to brighten up your environment.


Between the tracers (invasive) - which tend to be scary because, poorly known, badly placed and above all planted in ignorance - and the non-tracers (cespiteux), there is a whole world of differences to explore, by letting you guide through our know-how.

Perfect for creating partitions, hedges, or for bringing a touch of privacy to your outdoor spaces, bamboos are attractive with their zen side, soothing, persistent and exotic.

A true refuge for wildlife in summer and winter alike, bamboos require little maintenance and produce little waste in the garden, so it is an option that fits perfectly into your ecological approach.

We ensure the production ourselves, we are in the best position to advise you on the choice of species of tracing bamboo or non-tracing bamboo, varieties, the ideal location and planting distances between the subjects, as well as that we can show you our mature or growing subjects in our private gardens.

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